Monday, August 17, 2015 -- People or People IM

For Sale at Sedo:

As of August 17, 2015, 14,728 live and dead official trademarks were found on for terms containing the word


Our point: this word is so prevalent and common that it is likely that a few live and dead trademarks might exist for the exact term People.

There is no trademark on People IM

People is a generic word, which cannot be trademarked for its dictionary meaning.

With the .im extension, this could be developed into an awesome chat site/directory.

Please consult with a trademark attorney or expert for information on how this term may be used in commerce.


 We know one fact for sure: if the buyer attempts to start a magazine (or clone a well-known publication) with this term and domain, you will surely be hearing from Time, Inc's lawyers.

So. Please. Just. Don't.

In such a case, our company, as the seller, will not be responsible for any misuse on the part of the buyer.

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