Friday, June 24, 2016,,,, -- On the Case, On the Cases, On This Case, On A Case -- On the Case
_________________ -- On the Case
___________________ -- On the Cases
_________________ -- On This Case
___________________ -- On A Case
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As of June 24, 2016, no live official trademarks were found on for the exact term

On the Case
On the Cases
On This Case
On a Case

 But be aware that there is TV show called On the Case With Paula Zahn on the Investigation Discovery channel, so using this for a TV show would NOT be a good idea.

The good news: On the Case is also a common term -- and, thus, generic.

 We don't often buy .net and .info domains (at least without having the .com with them), but this common generic idiom is a potential blockbuster for a legal practice, thus transcending these domains' not dotcom-ness.

The search numbers for "On the Case"  (with quotation marks) are just phenomenal -- stratospheric, actually (see for yourself): over 500,000,000 Google entries and about 2,000,000,000 for On the Case (No quotation marks).

For buyers hellbent on a .com, we offer the plural (10 letters), but while the search numbers are still fairly high for On The Cases, this just isn't as memorable -- and it's not a common idiom.

The same goes for (10 letters) and (7 letters),

However, for billboard advertising, this would still be a good memorable dotcom domain name.

 FYI: as of June 24, 2016, the dotcom and dotus versions of OnTheCase are parked and not being used, the dotorg is being used to sell spy equipment, the dotbiz is a malware page (don't go there).

So an attorney has plenty of room to use one of these terms for advertising his or her law firm.

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