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Photo mashup: Depiction of Medieval Jousting
Original Image Attribution: Paulus Hector Mair (1540's)
de arte athletica
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Jousta could be developed into a solid website for a organization that researches and re-enacts medieval life and the games and war of that era.

theatrical jousting site is another possibility.

...have been active since the 1970's. A jousting show took place in 1972 at the Principality of Gwrych in North Wales near Abergele. The Company of Knights Limited, founded in early 1974, organised jousting shows including from five to as many as fifty actors.

Between 1980 and 1982 the Little England theme park in Orlando, Florida was planned as a jousting stadium. Although the first phase of the project was constructed, high interest rates cancelled the project.

The medieval dinner re-enactment company Medieval Times includes the sport in its dinner show.

Jousting shows are also offered seasonally at Warwick Castle in the United Kingdom. Their jousting tournaments take place twice daily during the summer season.

Places like Tower of London has jousting as well as the Danish museum Middelaldercentret have daily tournament during the season.

Jousting exhibitions are also sometimes featured in Renaissance fairs or other historical markets.

The above Wikipedia article also covers Competitive Jousting -- a sport that sounds a bit scary to us.

The 6-letter also offers numerous other branding possibilities, for example, in the tech sector.

Best of all:

It's cool, it's easy, it's short.

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