Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This Domain Name Has Been Seized

Got your attention, didn’t we?
No, this domain has not been seized – not unless you believe hand registering domains and/or buying them on the aftermarket is a form of seizing.
In that case, we “seize” domains every day.
In fact, we “seized” and, one of which may have led you here.
Worry not.
We are not the Feds – they use a .gov ending, not .com.
We admit it: this is just a way to draw attention to our site  nothing inherently nefarious here, no third-party ads.
Most importantly, nothing dangerous here.
Just a list of domain names.
You see, we are aftermarket domain name sellers
And we have a great inventory of domain names, many of them listed on this site.
And many more not yet listed.
So, relax, peruse our inventory.
New domains will be added regularly.
If this is not your gig, feel free to move along.
Our feelings will not be hurt.
In any case, have a nice day!


By submitting an offer, a bid, or a query on our domains, you confirm that neither you, nor your organization, claim a legal right to the registration of these domains. If you are inquiring on behalf of another entity, you confirm that this entity does not claim a legal right to the registration of the domains listed on this site or appearing in the browser box and that you are authorized by such entity to make this representation.

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