Wednesday, August 19, 2015,, – Nodfather, Nodfather's, and The Nodfather

For Sale (Make an Offer): (9 letters, 2 words, 3 syllables), (10 letters, 2 words, 3 syllables), and (12 letters, 3 words, 4 syllables) are humorous play-on-words on The Godfather, the 1972 film.

Indeed, at least one real-life old don, 93-year-old John (Sonny) Franzese, has been dubbed “The Nodfather” after he was caught snoozing at his trial during his own son's testimony against him. 

Other businesses have successfully used play-on-words versions of The Godfather for their businesses, such as Godfather's PizzaThe Goldfather, and TheBodfather (none of last two businesses, though, seems to own the shorter version of its name without “The”Goldfather [dot] com [link farm] and Bodfather [dot] com [another link farm] seem to be owned by others).

Aside from the cool popular culture cachet, here is what the Nodfather domains could accomplish for a business: all are snappy and definitely memorable. The word “nod” is interesting, meaning both subtle assent and drifting off to sleep, which offers some potential interesting product uses, such as edgy sleepwear, designer bed sets, and other cool furniture and accessories for the bedroom. could also be developed into an “exclusive” social media site in which the owner/webmaster (“father”) decides whether or not to accept a potential member onto the site (offering “The Nod” – or not). In this case, “The” actually straightens the brand, suggesting exclusivity.

We have acquired all three domains because the eventual business owner will need these names to protect his/her brand – and better to acquire them right out of the box. We actually prefer the longer version and would recommend using it for the main site and brand (with the shorter names redirecting to the site), but, of course, this decision will be up to the buyer.
Given that these domains refer to one specific potential brand, they are being offered as a group (for one price), pricing not yet available (but we will seriously consider all generous offers).

All three have been checked on and vetted for trademark registrations; as of August 19, 2015, no official live or dead trademarks were found on the exact terms

Nodfather or Nod Father
Nodfather's or Nod Father's
 The NodFather, TheNodfather, or The Nod Father

As long as the buyer avoids infringing on the film and focuses on a specific product or service unrelated to the film, he or she should be okay.

BUT, to be clear, manufacturing severed horse head quilts and Bada BING, bada BOOM killer sleepwear without consent would most likely be problematic...

Also, it would be prudent NOT to use the same Godfather font for The Nodfather logo, at least without permission from The Godfather trademark owner.

In any case, please consult with a trademark lawyer or expert for information on how these terms may be used in commerce.

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