Monday, August 31, 2015 and -- We Bore and We Bore Holes

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As of August 31, 2015, no live official trademarks were found on for the exact term

We Bore and We Bore Holes


No, We Bore would NOT be a good website for boring people.

However, if your company bores holes (foundations, wells, mines) for a living, you might find a great URL to paint on your company trucks.

The double entendre would be a stunning great head turner, creating a memorable URL for your company.

You wouldn't even have to change the name of your company with this generic call-to-action term. If fact, you probably shouldn't change your brand.

For example, Old Country Buffet owns but has not rebranded to Buffet.

We are throwing in for FREE, a strong generic in its own right.

Upon payment of, we will transfer this domain to you, free of charge.

Your competition already uses to their great advantage -- we're not in the boring field (well, perhaps, in a way, we are), and we were able to figure out

(1) That we should search for the domain

(2) To suspect that it was already in use

(3) That this is one smart company!



  Two for the money!

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