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In Chinese culture, 248 =  Wealthy for two lifetimes, and 768 = Fortune all the way.

So 248768 = Wealthy for two lifetimes and Fortune all the way
So 768248 = Fortune all the way and Wealthy for two lifetimes

In this combination, "4" morphs from its general negativity and in this context is actually positive. 

In the West, a 6-number domain may seem slightly long and mean little to average Occidentals; heck, we don't fully understand the premise, either. However...

In Chinese culture, "8" is the luckiest number; "2" and "6" are also considered very lucky, "2" representing all good things that come in pairs, and "6" representing prosperity and flow. "7" represents togetherness and balanced relationships. 

Despite popular belief among Westerners, "4" is not always unlucky, as shown on Travel China Guide; 4 represents the following in the natural world:

Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind
East, West, South, and North
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

4 also has numerous positive connotations in Chinese culture, as listed on the above website.

The Chinese market for numerals is HUGE.

Domains sold separately.

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