Tuesday, October 6, 2015

852113148.com, 88521131488.com, and 8885211314888.com -- 852113148, 88521131488, and 8885211314888

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The embedded 5211314 (flanked by 8 / 88 / 888 on the front and end) means "I love you (521) forever (1314)" and "prosperity for life (148)".

In the West, seemingly random 9, 11, 13 number domains may seem too long and mean little to average Occidentals; heck, we don't fully understand the premise, either. However...

In Chinese culture / numerology, 5211314 means "I love you forever," and "8" is the luckiest number; double and triple 8's are even better.

The Chinese market for numerals is HUGE.

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Note: A Wikipedia page discussing Chinese internet slang notes that 5201314 = I love you forever.

See also WordReference.com

So we are also offering 852013148.com, 88520131488.com, and
8885201314888.com for sale here. 

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