Monday, November 2, 2015

Premium Pinyin

What is “Pinyin”?
Pinyin is the standard system for transliterating Chinese characters into the Romanized (Latin) alphabet.
Premium Pinyin letters are those individual Romanized letters that are considered to be prime in the Chinese domain name market.
This Wikipedia article is somewhat complicated, but it does offer some insight on how Chinese characters are translated into Roman letters.
Also, this handy Pinyin chart, thanks to, may be of some help.
Now, let’s take a look at individual letters, the so-called Premium Pinyin letters.
According to DotCN on Namepros, the following letters seem to be in the top 10 of the Chinese premium Latin alphabet letters (in order of importance):


FYI: If an “A” or “AA” is located at the end of a word, it seems to be viewed as a premium letter/combination, despite the opinion among some purists that all vowels are undesirable; however, do your own research because this market is currently very volatile, and opinions among even Chinese experts may differ!
DotCN admits that there may some variation in opinion among Chinese domain buyers and sellers.
More about DotCN (Bill) in a interview.
Also, take a look at DotCN’s website, where you can view some of his own meaningful four-letter Pinyin .com domains. 
Some experts insist that the Chinese market dislikes vowels (a,e,i,o,u) altogether, but it all depends on usage...
Disclosure: Popular Pinyin domains (Romanized Chinese words or acronyms) may contain so-called non-premium letters, including vowels, and be very valuable, while domains containing all-premium letters may not mean anything at all in Chinese and actually be worth significantly less than a meaningful domain with non-premiums and vowels.
One absolute certainty: the letter “V” does not exist in Chinese Pinyin.
Any “V” domains that we offer for sale are not presented as potential Chinese properties, but they may be just fine for other markets.
This is why we select short domains that also offer brandable possibilities for an English-speaking market.
We simply acquire domains that we like and offer them for sale.


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