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Glowtown or Glow Town

Have you ever heard of "Glow bowling"?

It's a type of bowling venue that offers rock music and flashing lights: strobes, black lights, and/or disco balls.

Glow bowling is designed for teens and adults who desire an enhanced experience for a sport that is generally viewed as staid -- we don't agree, of course, but we are old fogies.

Glow Town would make a great business name for a bowling alley that specializes in glow bowling.

This domain could be used for other kinds of businesses, such as a glow roller and ice skating or a town that is known for its lights, literally and symbolically, but be aware that the .org is in use as a craft site for children.

We believe that this term would be safe to use for most uses (excluding a craft shop).

However, it is always best to consult with a trademark lawyer or expert for how these domains may be used in commerce. and are being offered for one money. is being offered for sale separately.

Disclosure: as of February 2016, the renewal rate for will be approximately $25.00 per year (depending on registrar); however, the registry (the owner of the .town extension) sets the renewal prices -- we have no control over renewal rates.

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